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Your health is unique so let’s treat it that way. At Alpha Med, we are  here to help you “achieve optimal performance your best from the boardroom to the bedroom.” 

Located near to the picturesque Safety Harbor shoreline across from Tampa Bay, our luxurious Clearwater location delivers clinical perfection, convenient consultation, and precision care. If you believe in your biology, you can achieve your dreams. Your first step is to call us for a conversation about your health and wellness goals.  And every conversation we have begins with the same question, ”How can we help you?”


Alpha Med Group is a cutting-edge integrative health and wellness center in Clearwater, FL. 

Our objective is to help you overcome the hurdles to reach your goals. Our doctors do this by providing curated care plans that provide you with exclusive opportunities to try out the newest advancements in regenerative medicine technologies that accelerate your natural cellular healing and reverse the aging process. We specialize in a variety of services to support your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. We are going to get you real long-term results because of our integrative team approach and our array of services for all lifestyles that reflect our values of integrity and precision. We want to make this as easy as possible. We are investing in the future by improving access to the best non-surgical treatment options and on-demand continuing care so that you can achieve your ultimate health and vitality close to home. Our team of providers have been active in the men’s health industry for years- including the multidisciplinary applications of both radial acoustic wave therapy and focused shockwave therapy since 2017 on over 5000 patients across the nation. Visiting our state-of-the-art treatment center is like stepping into a Swiss MedSpa. 


Our experienced medical professionals put your healing needs first. We are proud to provide the highest quality of service, expertise, and commitment to your health and wellness goals. 


With years of experience, our medical team will assist you with a custom treatment plan that works for you. As our patient, you will appreciate being a leader in our healthcare team.


Not only will you discover cutting edge treatment options for your existing condition, we provide you with real solutions and support to achieve your wellness goals and improve your quality of life.

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Alpha Med Group Doctor Taylor MD Clearwater FL

Dr. Thomas "Ken" Taylor

Dr. Thomas Ken Taylor, MD, leads Tampa Bay’s top sexual wellness programs at Alpha Medical Group in Clearwater. He is board certified in Occupational and Preventive Medicine and provides medical and operational leadership in occu­pational medicine and preventive care and serves as Medical Director regarding the same with over 20 years as a physician leader in both the corporate and clinical medical arena focusing on medical management as well as the delivery of innovative, patient-centered and results-oriented health care. Dr. Ken graduated from Morehouse College with his BS in Biology and continued on to East Carolina University where he obtained her doctorate as a Physician. A believer in life-long learning, Dr. Ken most recently attained his Masters in Business Administration from the Kennesaw State University MBA program.

Robert Shelton, Clinic Director

Robert Shelton, Alpha Med Group Clinic Director, has dedicated his career to helping patients live better and more active lives. He is certified by SWSNA in the SwissWave Protocols- including ED Shockwave.

  • Clinic director 
  • 34 years practice
  • Married to my beautiful wife
  • Father of 2 boys and 4 girls
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How Shockwave Therapy Can Fix The Root-Cause of ED:

Alpha Med Group is a world-class clinic located near Tampa Bay in Clearwater that offers whole body rejuvenation treatments for both men and women. We can help you balance hormones, reshape your body, and restore your zest for life without needles, drugs, or surgery. If your sex life isn’t great, we can help. We provide the most advanced, 100% noninvasive medical procedures and therapies available in the United. We can offer you with noninvasive and effective procedures that have been shown to be successful up to 90% without medication or dangerous surgery.

A Swiss Health Approach +

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Your SwissWave℠ Experience In Clearwater, FL

The SwissWave Protocol uses the highest quality medical shockwave devices that have been copied by companies in China and several other countries. These knock-off machines have created a lot of confusion across America. In order for this ED Shockwave treatment to be 100% effective, the wave must be focused to one millimeter. The Swiss are known for precision instruments, and whether it is a timepiece or a perfectly calibrated medical device, their workmanship is unparalleled. The SwissWave™ Protocol stimulates a very specific area in the penis, so if the wave is not perfectly calibrated, the treatment won’t be effective.

SwissWave℠ Precision Shockwave Technology

The Storz Masterpuls 100 shockwave system is equipped with an innovative pneumatic shockwave generator which ensures high efficiency and durability. The ergonomic Falcon handpiece with an intuitive display offers the user the highest level of safety and maximum comfort and thus facilitates work.

The future of physical therapy is being developed right here in Clearwater.

A group of engineers, visionaries and integrative wellness healers are at the forefront of re-imagining doctor-patient relationships and how people not only recover from lost function, but building prevention into the healthcare framework.  Patients can experience the changing paradigm in American healthcare in real time.  Step off of the hot Florida streets and into our State-Of-The-Art Swiss medical clinic today.

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