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With integrative health, the focus is on your results, your goals, and your experience. 

Your story matters. Where you’ve been in your life speaks volumes about your health, and Alpha Med Group is ready to listen.  We provide individualized, functional, and regenerative medicine that starts with root cause identification and an industry-leading progressive care strategy. Alpha Med Group embodies integrative health by literally integrating new emerging treatment methods with your more conventional treatment in our State-Of-The-Art wellness clinic- conveniently located in Clearwater. 



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We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and comprehensive health services range of concerns. 

Our world class team of healthcare pro’s collectively and confidentially help you to achieve your wellness goals with a plan that aligns with your needs and ambitions.  You can expect to achieve optimal health and energy by joining our collective SWISS approach to proactive integrative medicine and alternative health. 

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As we age, our bodies enter a natural decline that impacts everything from our immune systems to our ability to maintain healthy skin. While this is a normal part of the aging process, it can be challenging to navigate the physical and mental changes that come with growing older. When you begin to feel like your body is slowing down, it can be tempting to resign yourself to a life full of medications and doctor visits. However, there is a better way to age. 


Our Regenerative Medicine Therapy treatments can help with existing injuries as well as chronic joint pain:

★ Pain relief
★ Accelorated joint recovery
★ Restore mobility


Biologic imbalances are a natural side effect of aging that affects us all. Our integrative therapies can help you to:

★ Increase your energy and focus
★ Lose weight and build muscle
★ Increase libido and performance


GAINSWave Therapy is a revolutionary non-surgical medical technique that harnesses your body’s natural healing power to:

★Restore sexual function naturally
★ Enhance pleasure
★Overcome ED and PD safely

Dr. Thomas Ken Taylor, MD, is board certified in occupational and preventive medicine with over 40 years experience as a physician leader in both the corporate and clinical medical arena focusing on innovative ways to manage medical concerns that continuously improve patient-centered care. The bottom line- We Get Results.

Robert Shelton, the Alpha Med Clinic Director, has dedicated his career to helping patients live better and more active lives.

Dr. Rob



What is Integrative Health? Integrative health combines traditional and complementary medicine in a synergistic manner. Multimodal interventions, which include two or more interventions are also emphasized in integrative health. (Source: National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health)

When you take control of your health and commit to living a more vibrant lifestyle, you can help your body stay on track for a longer period of time. By taking steps like eating healthy, staying active, and investing in quality healthcare, you can stay healthier and happier for longer. When you combine these lifestyle changes with the most advanced treatments available today, you can feel younger and more energetic than ever before. Alpha Med Group offers the most advanced treatments with a truly customized approach to target the root cause of your symptoms, helping you reverse the clock on ageing and live your life vibrantly.


Everything you need to improve your health and achieve your goals.

Our providers will expertly handle all parts of your complicated health challenges to decide a collaborative, results-based outcome, including Regenerative Shockwave, Integrative Medicine, and total body optimization from the inside out.



Alpha Med Group - SwissWave Protocol

The SwissWave Method, developed by some of the world’s most distinguished integrative medicine experts, offers an original approach to treating erectile dysfunction and other chronic pain conditions using Swiss shockwave therapy.  This non-invasive treatment has been shown to be safe and effective in treating erectile dysfunction and other chronic pain conditions. Shockwaves are provided precisely during your treatment at our world-class Swiss themed clinic to treat erectile dysfunction and other chronic pain conditions. Sonic shock waves create pressure waves that saturate the target tissues, triggering a cascade of regenerative cellular responses when they hit the body. This therapy has been used to cure numerous medical problems in addition to delivering blood flow and reducing fibrosis to restore tissue elasticity.

Medical Times Today Article Cover

Medical Times Today

“Some responses are more dramatic than others. But every man has improvement in their quality of erections.” – Bruce Sloane, MD

time magazine shockwave therapy cover story

Time Magazine

“But shock wave is the closest thing we have to a miracle cure,” Dr. Amol Saxena: Sports Medicine editor of the Journal International Advances in Foot & Ankle Surgery.
(Time Magazine, JUNE 27, 2018)

men's health magazine shockwave therapy article

Men's Health Magazine

” I got stronger erections by blasting my penis with sound.” – Ben Greenfield, author, strength and conditioning coach and biohacker.

Alpha Med Group

Best Wellness Program In Clearwater

By utilising the latest research in the fields of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, Alpha Med Group offers the most advanced treatments with a truly customized approach to target the root cause of your symptoms, helping you reverse the clock on aging and live your life vibrantly.


One of the most important factors in anti-aging is maintaining a healthy lifestyle—which includes maintaining a healthy weight, eating foods that are good for your skin, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol in excess, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep.

However, if you are looking to go beyond basic lifestyle changes and want to experience a more dramatic change in your appearance and health, you may be a good candidate for an anti-aging treatment.


While there are many options out there—such as lasers, chemical peels, and fillers—it can be difficult to choose the best option for you.


One thing to keep in mind is whether you want a longer-term or shorter-term treatment. While fillers are typically considered a short-term solution, lasers and chemical peels tend to be more permanent.


Another important factor is cost. While some treatments may be too pricey for most people to afford on a regular basis, others may be more affordable.


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22:59 06 Jun 22
Every aspect of my experience was positive. Staff who actually care, which is evident by their attention to even the smallest of details.
Cody SimmonsCody Simmons
20:34 06 Jun 22
Greta atmosphere that felt welcoming as soon as you walk into the building. Can’t say how impressed I was with the staff at this facility. Keep up the good work guys!
Ryan HansmeyerRyan Hansmeyer
21:59 21 Jun 21
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys are absolutely amazing on so many levels. Your services, technology, and beautiful office serve as a testament to your dedication and quality.

SwissWave℠ FAQs

The SwissWave℠ Method for ED is best for males with mild to severe erectile dysfunction who have experienced zero or very little improvement with other ED treatments or therapies. Men who have diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, an enlarged prostate, or have had prostate cancer can also benefit from this treatment. If you have tried pills, injections, and vacuums, and your erectile dysfunction isn’t improving, the SwissWave Method could be for you.

The SwissWave protocol is performed right in our Clearwater office. No anesthesia is needed, and you won’t experience any pain or discomfort during your session. The SwissWave℠ Storz ESWT applicator is positioned on the penis shaft and transmits high-energy radial shockwaves into the skin tissue. This deep skin penetration allows the shockwaves to increase blood flow, strengthen tissue and encourage cell growth.

The SwissWave℠ shockwave ED treatment and Shockwave for Peyronie’s Disease are both performed through a series of sessions, and each patient requires a different number of treatments. On average, patients usually complete 6-12 sessions and start to notice results within two or three sessions. The best way to determine the cost of your treatment is by scheduling a consultation with our local Tampa area office at Alpha Med Group near you.  During your consultation we will discuss in depth your personalized treatment plan- which includes the cost and financing options. We accept cash, personal, and all major credit cards as well.

A consultation is the best way for us to understand your needs and expectations from the SwissWave Method.

No, it is a virtually painless application

How quickly are the changes visible?

In general, up to 12 treatment sessions may be needed to ensure complete successful. A positive change and a longer or stronger erection is often reported after just the first application.

The P-Shot® contains highly concentrated platelets that like Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, signals the cells to release growth factors; which is critical in activating vascular regrow that and healing.  This procedure involves taking blood from your arm, extracting the waste and then re-injecting it directly into the penis with an 18 gauge needle after completely numbing the penis with lidocaine.

The P-Shot® IS A VERY INVASIVE PROCEDURE that requires multiple skin lacerations, the use of an acidic numbing medication local to tissue known to be damaged by lidocaine HCL, a post-surgical recovery period of up to 3 months before results may peak, and any number of safety concerns.  Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, or SwissWave℠,  is a non-surgical application of sound waves through ultrasound gel that is painless -when done appropriately- does not require any drugs, needles, or down-time. 


Listed side effects of Lidocaine injections to the penis include:


  • nervousness
  • apprehension
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • blurred or double vision
  • vomiting
  • sensations of heat, cold or numbness
  • twitching
  • tremors
  • convulsions
  • unconsciousness
  • respiratory depression and arrest
  • slow heart rate
  • low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • cardiovascular collapse, and
  • allergic reactions (hives, swelling, or anaphylactoid reactions)



Injecting lidocaine into the penis may additionally  have iatrogenic long term effects that may contribute to causing Erectile Dysfunction and/or Peyronie’s disease. 

One study observed that injecting lidocaine into the penile tissues caused focal intracavernosal fibrosis (scar tissue formation) and edema (pooling of blood).   


Sahin M, Başar MM, Bozdoğan O, Atan A. Short-term histopathologic effects of different intracavernosal agents on corpus cavernosum and antifibrotic activity of intracavernosal verapamil: an experimental study. Urology. 2001;58(3):487-492. doi:10.1016/s0090-4295(01)01211-0

GAINSWave is absolutely backed by clinical research.  You can find some of it weaved into our treatments and conditions pages, or jump over to this GAINSWave collection for more. Click Here for more. 

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