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Many men from the Tampa Bay area have ask us about the root cause of erectile dysfunction. While there are many causes of erectile dysfunction, the main cause of ED is a problem with blood flow to the penis- commonly associated with other vascular problems like high blood pressure. Any problem with blood flow to the erectile structures – called the corpora cavernosa- is the underlying physical cause of erectile dysfunction that effects approximately 60% of men living with erectile dysfunction.  Looking for more information about Erectile Dysfunction, Diagnosis, and a list of treatment options near you? Jump over to our conditions pages to learn more about Erectile Dysfunction and GAINSWave.

While a primary care doctor might be able to get you started with ED medications, these options are not a real solution to this problem and may cause some annoying side effects. Our GAINSWave clinic in Clearwater offers men the newest solution to Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Curvature – Peyronie’s Disease-  called GAINSWave Therapy. Please read through this information as thoughtfully as you need before calling us to setup your consultation- but do call.  If you think GAINSWave therapy sounds to good to be true, you’re in good company because so did I 5 years ago. Today, our team of men’s health specialists have successfully helped men across the United States to accomplish bigger and better for the sake of their love lives.  We have also trained many of the other shockwave providers, and actively participate Nationally and Internationally with our professional medical societies to build programs that will allow every man can afford and access the treatment he selects with the support of an experienced men’s health pro by his side.

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We are here to help you – but only you can make the call.

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What is GAINSWave Therapy?

Are you looking for an effective, safe and fast solution to your ED problem?

GAINSWave® is a new ED treatment that uses sound waves to stimulate the tissue in the penis, which increases blood flow and improves erections. It can be done without any injections or ED drugs. This treatment is discreet and convenient, so you can get the help you need without anyone knowing. Plus, it’s much safer than other ED treatments available on the market today.

GAINSWave offers the first completely non-surgical treatment option that works on erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as Peyronie’s Disease and premature ejaculation. Treatment is completely painless and noninvasive, so it’s safe for men at any age. It’s also great for men who are looking for a discreet, convenient way for any man to improve or even enhance your natural erections. GAINSWave can help you achieve greatness. Finally, a long term solution has arrive so that you can enjoy more vitality and share more love.

In Clearwater, we offer GAINSWave therapy using our state-of-the-art technology to improve blood flow to the penis- called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. This helps men maintain an erection for longer periods of time. In addition to treating erectile dysfunction, GAINSWave can also be used to treat other conditions, including Peyronie’s disease- which is a shortening caused by curvature.

Alpha Med Group patients appreciate that GAINSWave is a fast & effective erectile dysfunction ED Treatment option because it directly addresses the root cause of ED – poor blood flow. Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive, and yields long-term patient results, optimizing sexual performance, and treating Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease is a condition resulting from fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis and may cause a curved, twisted or even painful erection.

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How Does GAINSWave Therapy Work?

Gainswave is a technological breakthrough that can improve sexual performance and revitalize your sex life, but many men are ignorant of its existence or how it works. Continue reading to learn more about the Gainswave treatment if you have erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease, or any other problem that leads you to have less-than-optimal sexual performance. The science is simple! These shockwaves are focused on the arteries that supply blood flow for an erection using a particular equipment that emits low-intensity shockwaves. We can dissolve plaque build-up in those arteries, improve the health of existing arteries, and stimulate the formation of new arteries using our non-invasive procedure. Shockwaves are directed in the locations where scar tissue is present when treating Peyronie’s Disease.

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GAINSWave Before And After Shockwave Therapy

When you’re sexually stimulated, your arteries widen, and blood rushes into the penis via many major arteries before becoming trapped in spongy tissue on either side of the shaft, thus it’s reasonable to assume that good blood flow is key to erections. As a fact, it’s no surprise that 90 percent of ED visits are vascular in nature, or related to blood flow. GAINSWave Therapy, or shockwave therapy, is the first and only treatment that effectively tackles the root-cause of erectile dysfunction by eliminating plaque buildup, restoring the health of your aged arteries, and activating your cells to actually improve and renew your blood flow. Any other ED treatment is merely a band-aid…a temporary fix instead of a real solution.

What To Expect From GAINSWave Therapy In Clearwater, FL

In just six to twelve 20-minute sessions, GAINSWave Therapy can get you on the road to enhanced sexual performance.

Men around Tampa Bay have reported…

  •  Increased erectile function
  • Better sexual performance
  • More size and fullness of erection
  • Some men no longer need to take a PDE5i (Viagra & Cialis)
  • Others say they now respond better than ever to PDE5i (Viagra & Cialis)


Alpha Med Group is a cutting-edge integrative health and wellness center in Clearwater, Florida. Our objective is to help you overcome the hurdles to reach your goals. We offer personalized weight loss coaching and sexual performance optimization services that will help you live a life full of fitness, vitality and passion. For men, we offer fat loss coaching and body sculpting services for those who are looking for an edge in the gym or want to look their best on the beach. For women, we offer weight loss coaching and body sculpting services to help them achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Gainswave therapy is entirely safe and effective for the vast majority of adult men, according to clinical research and numerous accounts of improved sexual performance. Shockwave therapy corrects the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by encouraging your body’s own resources to enhance inadequate blood flow, restore the health of damaged arteries, and build new blood vessels, all without cutting, swallowing, implanting, or otherwise modifying your body. GAINSWave is a less invasive and more effective technique to improve sexual function.


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How To Get Started With GAINSWave in Clearwater

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and comprehensive men’s health services for a vast range of concerns.

Our world class team of healthcare pro’s collectively and confidentially help you to achieve your wellness goals with a plan that aligns with your needs and ambitions.

You can expect to achieve optimal health and energy by joining our collective SWISS approach to proactive integrative medicine and alternative health.

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Meet The Men's Health Team:

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GAINSWave Therapy Reviews

I love the professionals at Alpha. Thanks to the Stim Wave treatment I literally got rock hard results the first time. I’ll be back for more- for sure. Thanks again guys.


I’m in my 70s and I have a girlfriend twenty years younger than me. I was doing okay, but I was taking a lot of viagra, more than is recommended. So I wanted to see if I could at least not have to buy as many pills by trying the ED treatment at Alpha. I had 6 treatments and also started the rapid fat loss program. I’m getting better erections every day. I’ve cut my meds way down, and I’m back to waking up early in the morning with a little more life than before.

Bob G.- 70 YO MAN

Alpha was very professional, and definitely knew their stuff. This tremendously improved my relationship!

Jerry T.- 50YO MAN

I was impressed by the quality and kindness of everyone from the first time I contacted them and spoke with an ED Specialist on the phone to my first visit to the clinic and every appointment since. They're getting close to becoming friends. You may talk about everything and everything with your friends, which makes each visit a breeze. I began with the acoustic wave treatments and have since added the performance program to my list of goals. Since May, I've seen a significant shift. I saw virtually instantaneous and significant benefits. Both in terms of the size and quality of the edifice.

Paul J.- 50YO MAN

TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER: Actual names and exact ages have been omitted for privacy concerns. While we love to hear about your results, your love life is your business. Become a patient today to review our in-house master copy of patient reviews, testimonials, and results. Questions about your privacy? Review our Privacy Policy or call us today to make your special request and we will be ready to assist.

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How much does gainswave therapy cost?

Depending on the prescribed treatment package, you can get GAINSWave started for as little as $500.

Men who do not have erectile dysfunction but want to improve their performance and sensation can also benefit from GAINSWave therapy. Call now to find out if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary, new ED treatment option. ☎ Call Alpha Med Group – 727-977-8200

Do you have a Gainswave machine for sale?

In a nutshell, yeah! Alpha Med Group will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to help you accomplish your health and wellbeing objectives. Some guys find it more convenient to purchase a GAINSWave machine for use at home. Others can benefit from a hybrid care plan that includes the purchase of a GAINSWave device for personal performance maintenance at home.

We have a range of personal gadgets accessible at wholesale prices straight for you to consider to treat Erectile Dysfunction at home because we have been in this sector for so long. We can show you how to operate a GAINSWave gadget in the privacy of our state-of-the-art clinic in Clearwater.

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Will gainswave cure peyronie's?

GAINSWave® therapy, which uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to break up scar tissue in the penis, is being used by certain men. Peyronie’s illness has no known cure. Treatment alternatives available on the market may help to alleviate symptoms, but they do not cure the ailment.

Does gainswave increase size?

Not to be insensitive, but isn’t that why we’re here in the first place? GAINSWave is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the blood vessels in the penis to assist men achieve higher erections and peak sexual performance while also increasing size and sensitivity.

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Is GAINSWave covered by insurance?

Medicare benefits cover the treatment of medical illnesses that have a detrimental influence on one’s health and shorten one’s life expectancy. However, they do not cover conditions that improve one’s lifestyle or attractiveness. As a result, Medicare does not cover Gainswave or any other shockwave treatment for sexual enhancement because it is a lifestyle enhancement treatment. However, Medicare may cover the cost of an initial screening test for erectile dysfunction.

(Source: Medicare)

Some types of erectile dysfunction (ED) diagnosis and treatment are likely to be covered by your health insurance plan. If you have a prescription drug plan, it will most likely cover a set amount of ED medication dosages every month.

(Source: ShareCare)

Alpha Med Group does not receive any payments or reimbursements from any health insurers, given the complexity and inflated expense of participating with insurance programs. Instead, patients in Clearwater css can appreciate added value, affordability and flexibility of electing from our many payment plans and savings  options. Don’t let anything hold you back from achieving your goals.  Talk is cheap- so call now.

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Is gainswave FDA approved?

GAINSWave Therapy employed the use of ED shockwave therapy, which is an FDA-cleared treatment alternative to main line treatments like viagra or injections that men everywhere have elected to experience for themselves. And the results speak for themselves. Check out our patient testimonials for some motivation, or call now to talk to a men’s health provider in Clearwater: ☎ 727-977-8200

-Down To Earth Answer: No- but not because there’s anything wrong with GAINSWave… The politics of FDA Approval dictate that they approve indications, and they regulate the safety of medical devices. At Alpha Med Group, our medical device has been evaluated, registered, and cleared by the FDA.

Does COVID19 Cause ED?

*Disclaimer: We’re taking a risk even answering this question during these politically charged times- but access to information shouldn’t be so difficult for us guys who just want to let the good times roll. As such, we’ve carefully curated and vetted each of our references in answering this question.  This does not constitute medical advice, our opinions, thoughts, beliefs, or final constitution when the FCC breaks down our doors.

Survivorship of COVID-19 may be linked to erectile dysfunction, according to researchers. According to the study, there are three conditions that can cause ED in males who have had the virus:

Vascular Changes: We know that the vascular system and the reproductive system are linked because erectile function is a predictor of heart disease. COVID-19 has also been linked to hyperinflammation throughout the body, particularly in the heart and adjacent muscles. As a result of a new or worsening vascular disease induced by the virus, blood supply to the penis can become stopped or narrowed.

Psych issues:  Sexual activity and mental health are inextricably linked. The virus and pandemic’s stress, worry, and sadness have been related to sexual dysfunction and low mood.

Related Health Concerns: ED is frequently a symptom of a deeper issue. Men in poor health are more likely to acquire ED as well as have a strong reaction to COVID-19. Because the infection can induce a variety of health problems, poor overall health is a cause for concern, both in terms of ED and other complications.

May 2022 Update: 

“A new University of Florida Health study found that men with COVID-19 are more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or ED, than those who are not sickened by the coronavirus.”

(Source: )

COVID References:

1.Cleveland Clinic-



Are you looking for a natural ED solution?

GAINSWave is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that has been shown to improve erectile function in as little as one session. It’s also the discreet, convenient solution that you’ve been looking for. You deserve a solution that will work for you. We offer a free consultation where we can discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

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